The Drukpa Lineage

The Drukpa lineage of Tibetan Buddhism stems directly from the primordial Buddha Vajradhara (Dorje Chang in Tibetan) and descends through an unbroken line of enlightened Masters. The early founders of the lineage include the great teachers Tilopa, Naropa, Marpa, Milarepa, Gampopa, Rechungpa, Phagmo Drupa and Lingchen Repa. Lingchen Repa was the guru of the first Gyalwang Drukpa, Tsangpa Gyare. Tsangpa Gyare was recognized as the Buddha of Compassion, (Chenrezig Tib. or Avolokiteshvara Skt.), in human form, as well as an incarnation of the first Buddhist King of Tibet, Songsten Gampo, the great sage Naropa and Milarepa's son-like disciple Gampopa. The lineage spread throughout Tibet, Ladakh, Northern India and Bhutan, and is renowned for the pure qualities of its practitioners and the numerous yogis who have attained enlightenment. His Holiness Jigme Pema Wangchen, the present Gyalwang Drukpa, is the twelfth reincarnation of the supreme head of this tradition.

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