Special visit of Drubpon Lama Nawang to London

Lama Nawang at the centreDrubpon Lama Nawang will be visiting London again at the end of this month specifically to give a programme of teaching and practice in the new London Centre, prior to His Holiness's visit in January. Drubpon Lama Nawang appreciates that being mid-week these times are difficult for people who have to work but requested us to make a special effort. If it is at all possible to take a few hours off from our work by using holiday or flexi hours then we should do this but if it is not possible then of course you can just join the evening programme, which will start around 6.30 pm. Here are the details: Dates - Tuesday November 27th and Wednesday November 28th Times - 3 pm to 9.30 pm Venue - Drukpa Kunga Peljor, 5 Audley Square, London W1K 1DS Cost - £10 per day (£5 per session) The programme will be similar to last time and will inlude some Shine meditation as well as the usual practices and prayers. Please bring your Guru Yoga, Rosary of Jewels, Sengey Tsewa and Vajrayogini texts.