Good News from Drukpa UK

Following His Holiness’ wishes we have now found and moved into the new Drukpa Kunga Peljor Centre in London. Last Sunday, on 14th June, Drubpon Nawang came to London and very kindly inaugurated the centre. We were all so happy to celebrate and dedicate the centre to His Holiness as we chanted mantras for His Long Life. It would not have been possible to have this centre without the financial support and dedicated help of many people, who gave in diverse ways to ensure that the centre opened. All the sangha in the UK sincerely and humbly thank His Holiness for having enough faith in us to find and sustain a centre. From the depths of our hearts, with love, we dedicate the centre to His Holiness and the Drukpa Lineage. We make wishes to do the very best to further activities that will benefit all beings, and that all who enter the centre will feel their hearts open in love, compassion and wisdom – qualities embodied by His Holiness, our great and precious Master.