Long Life Ceremonies for His Holiness in Darjeeling in October

Long Life Ceremonies for His Holiness in Darjeeling in October

The Pel Drukpay Tcheutsok congregation and the Drukpa Plouray center in France are co-organising a pilgrimage to Darjeeling and Sikkim in October, from 11th to 22nd, to attend the Long Life Ceremonies for His Holiness Gyalwang Drukpa

Drubpon Ngawang has written the following letter (translated from French) regarding the pilgrimage:


Dear Friends,

I am writing this letter on my return from the pilgrimage in Bhutan and Nepal.

I have been able to have a meeting in Delhi and in Kathmandu with His Holiness regarding the planning of the ceremonies that our European Sangha wishes to offer for the long life of our Master in Darjeeling Monastery in October.

The year of the Rabbit which starts in March 2011 is announced to be negative and unfavourable for His Holiness and His activities.

A long life ceremony consecrated with a pure motivation creates immense benefits, infinite merits which are able to remove obstacles and clear away adversities. It is advisable to undertake these practices a few months before the beginning of the year.

12 years ago in Darjeeling, the European Sangha had facilitated these long life practices and His Holiness’s parents, Bairo Rinpoche and Mayum-La have often told me of the positive effect these ceremonies had on His Holiness health and activities. They encouraged me to repeat this initiative.

His Holiness has numerous programs everywhere in the world, and you might be tempted to go here or there. But what is more essential for a disciple than the  request to the master that He remains a very long time in this life?

My personal feeling is that it is of primary importance. Long life ceremonies must be grandiose, as big as the scale of our wishes and the strength of our devotion.

Alone I can’t do much! I am therefore calling upon you all: disciples, students, followers, friends of His Holiness, because we must be united and numerous…the merits will be immense.

The Vietnamese Sangha is gathering in Kathmandu this month of September for a long life ceremony.

I have organised this program with His Holiness, with the monks of Darjeeling, with the travel agency so that everything goes smoothly. The brochure is available where you will find all the information.

For those who can’t travel there, their financial contribution* will be a precious help.

Your devoted servant of the Dharma, Drubpön Ngawang Tenzin.


* If you wish to make a financial contribution to the long life ceremonies in Darjeeling please send a cheque (payable to Drukpa UK) to 114 Harvist Road, London NW6 6HJ

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