Sri Lanka Eco-Pad Yatra

Sri Lanka Eco-Pad Yatra


Yatra is a Sanskrit term, meaning "journey" or "procession" and Pad Yatra generally refers to a walking pilgrimage to sacred sites.

March 2013 will be the first time His Holiness the Gyalwang Drukpa undertakes an eco-pad yatra outside of his motherland, India.

You are invited to join the walking pilgrimage and visit the holy sites in Sri Lanka, blessed by the holy saints of the past, and celebrate Christmas with His Holiness and his spiritual entourage with historical meditation caves and archaic frescoes of meditational deities as backdrop. Just like the ancient times when the Buddha walked with his disciples and taught them through his physical actions and verbal expressions, His Holiness and his spiritual sons and daughters will help us relive the ancient traditions of spirituality as well as connect this ancient wisdom with our modern life.

Our YATRA will begin on 6th March 2013 and HOPEFULLY end on 6th April 2013. It will cover a total journey of approximately 400-500km, from South to North of Sri Lanka.

4 OPTIONS FOR PAD YATRA & 1 OPTION FOR YATRA ON WHEELS are available, offer one with shorter duration, so that as many people as possible could join us in this blessed journey. And a Jeep Yatra option is also available now. When you submit the registration form, please remember to attach 2 copies of "Assumption of Risks, Release & Guarantee".

Option A: 6th March - 6th April 2013

Option B: 6th - 19th March 2013

Option C: 23rd March - 6th April 2013

Option D: 16th - 23rd March 2013

Yatra On Wheels: 29th March - 6th April 2013

Visit for more details, including how to register