Welcome to Five Nuns from Druk Gawa Khilwa Abbey

Welcome to Five Nuns from Druk Gawa Khilwa Abbey

We are delighted to welcome five of His Holiness's nuns to our centre in September for a programme of teachings and practice. The nuns are accompanying His Holiness Gyalwang Drukpa on his European tour and have kindly agreed to give teachings and conduct pujas at our centre. The Venerable Drubpon Ngawang is also coming with the the nuns and will join us for the programme. 

Tentative Programme Details:

Sunday September 14th - 10.30 am to 6 pm - teachings and practice of Sengey Tsewa and meditation

Monday September 15th - 4 to 9.30 pm - continuation of teachings and practice

Tuesday September 16th - 7 to 9.30 pm - continuation of teachings and practice

Price £15 for Sunday, £15 for Monday, £10 for Tuesday - pay at the door

The venue is the Drukpa UK London centre:

Drukpa Kunga Peljor, 1st Floor, Leeder House, 6 Erskine Road, London NW3 3AJ (nearest tube Chalk Farm on the Northern Line)


Since Druk Gawa Khilwa Abbey was established, His Holiness’ wish has been to provide female practitioners with the same opportunities as their male counterparts, and to revive a spiritual lineage of Yoginis, unique to the Drukpa lineage. Under His Holiness’ guidance and with the constant support of our sponsors the nuns have become the backbone of the lineage.
Just how far these practitioners had developed became apparent in 2007 when His Holiness first allowed the senior nuns to train in the Six Yogas of Naropa, a spiritual practice which leads to enlightenment in one lifetime. Since that time the nuns have developed and become a genuine manifestation of compassion in action, relieving the sufferings of those they meet and sharing their spiritual accomplishments with their Drukpa family around the world.
Two of the nuns coming to London are "Lopöns" (Vajra masters), another is a "Khenpo" which means she is very learned, one is a "Chopön" (master of ceremony) and one is an "Oumze" (chanting master), specialising in the practice of Tcheu Sengey Tsewa.
We are indeed honoured to welcome such accomplished nuns to our centre and we urge you all to attend this programme if you can.